Why We Should Continue To Fight For Net Neutrality

Compare trending of “Net neutrality” and “Santa Claus” over the last 30 days

What’s in store now that the FCC has voted?

All is not lost, at least not yet. Procedurally, according to the Congressional Review Act of 1996, before any federal rule takes effect, the federal agency that promulgates the rule must submit it to Congress for review. If Congress passes a joint resolution disapproving the rule, and the resolution becomes law, the rule cannot take effect or continue in effect. All this has to happen within 60 session or legislative days of the rule being passed. With the holidays in place, and December 18–29 being assigned as “State Work Period” (that’s the time legislators should be back in their home states, mingling with constituents and listening to, and addressing their concerns), early March 2018 will be the target date.

What will be the effect of a loss of net neutrality?

Have you taken a look at your most recent television cable bill, or phone bill? Are you able to understand all the package details, and associated pricing? Do you have the time and energy to dissect those details so that you understand them? I’m guessing only a few people are willing to go through the agonizing process, no matter how much they wish they understood what all the details were, or meant.

Map from 2013. In 2016, Time Warner Cable (the states colored in green) was bought by Charter Communications (purple in this map).



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Deepti Pradhan

Deepti Pradhan

Employed at Yale University, Deepti is primarily a scientist & patient advocate. She runs Tilde Cafe, a forum to make science accessible (www.tildecafe.org)