Even as we get a third vaccine authorized by the FDA, fair access to vaccines continues to be an issue.

In all societies, we learn to queue up for all kinds of things from a very young age. If you need to leave the queue for a moment, you can…

Scientific research and clinical findings often encounter the Godzilla of anecdata that has the potential to wreak havoc. Consequently, responsible and complete communication of research data becomes paramount — particularly in a pandemic.

Data as of April 11, 2021 from Our World In Data

The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing unabated, with global case numbers conservatively at 83.5 cases per million people…

Deepti Pradhan

Deepti is a scientist & now, a research analyst at Yale University. She runs Tilde Cafe, a forum to demystify science & make it accessible (www.tildecafe.org)

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